Facebook is practicing censorship

3021307-inline-fb-thumbsup-printpackagingFacebook is practicing censorship. They have made me delete certain pictures that depict nudity from my pages, which is silly since I have visited countless pages on Facebook that contain pictures of anal and vaginal penetration, pictures of the male penis and complete male and female frontal nudity. These so-called rules are selectively enforced. I should file a lawsuit against Facebook. The US constitution grants me a right to free speech. I can get more graphic with my language on FB than any picture they can forbid me from posting to my page. It would be an interesting test of the law to see if a court would rule in my favor regarding posting pictures of male or female nudity on FB. I post them to a selective audience of men who like viewing such material, not to the public at large. If FB is going to harass me, FB should also require every Facebook user to delete nudity on their pages. They are not currently doing so. Basically they are being PRUDES. Our world is changing. Facebook should reflect that change and not be governed by rules of morality which have their roots in ancient religions. This is a free country. Thus we, all of us, should be free to express ourselves anyway we like. If others are offended, they can turn their heads. No one is forcing anyone to view my page. When something I disagree with comes on television or a post is made on Facebook I do not like, I can change the channel or unfriend the user. Awhile back I deactivated my account because I was tired of reading all of what I consider religious garbage being posted by many of my own family members and personal friends saying that gay people are hell bound. I found their posts offensive even though I recognized their right to post such hateful things. Thus, I unfriended them. That is the correct solution to freedom of expression.