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776 Bigots, Homophobes And Religious Crazies

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Why is it bigots, homophobes and religious crazies all flock to the Republican Party? Right click here to download this podcast. File Size: 39.32 MB; Duration: 42:57 minutes

The Gay Wave

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Proof positive that the bible is not the word of God, but the words of men. That there is nothing divine about the so-called “Holy Bible”. That, as concerned human sexuality, the authors of anti-homosexual rhetoric in the bible, did not understand homosexuality. That all they were concerned with was procreation and looked upon it as the soul reason for having sex. Here is video proof of a young innocent boys gay wave. That boy was me, before I even understood what sex was all about. My wave gave me away and proves beyond doubt that homosexuality is not chosen as bible thumpers like to believe and thus proves that the bible is not the word of God.

There is proof all around you that homosexuality not only exists in adults, but young children. Mothers and fathers know this is true. To some it is their worst fear. To me it is proof that we do not choose our sexuality, but that it is innate and formed so early in life as not to be a choice. Anyone can have homosexual sex. That does not make one homosexual. Homosexuals are saddled with a legacy of being persecuted. Of being rejected by society. All because of a mistaken belief by those of biblical days that being homosexual was against the will of God. How does one fight this belief? We, homosexuals, can only hope that some will see the truth. That they will stop killing us, that they will stop hurting us, that they will allow us the same freedom that every other American citizen enjoys. That equality under the law will finally come to pass. And that these hate filled “religious freedom acts”, will be seen for what they are; a licsense to discriminate against homosexuals.

Skype with me

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My Skype user name is cnickthomas. Add me as a contact and let’s talk sometime. I will be skyping on Fridays immediately following the Alan Colmes Show. You can download the Skype app from Skype.com for your home computer or go to your smart phones app store and download the Skype app there.


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