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To Donate to my chemotheropy fund

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You may donate any amount by clicking this donation button. I do not see your personal information. You may leave a note with your kind donation. All donations go to my paypal account. All the funds here will be used to sustain me during my fight to conquer this cancer. NOTE: If you’re having trouble donating with this button, please let me know. I haven’t received any donations since the first week I made note of this donation button. To date total of donations is: $246.85

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UPDATE 05/19/2015: I am now back home in Pelham trying to rest and also to make myself eat more and keep up my strength. I want to thank all of you for your kind emails and messages to me here.Late this evening my throat is hurting. I’ve not found anything I really like to eat. I plan on driving over to Publix early tomorrow morning to pickup some Gator Aid that my doctors have said I need to rebuild my strength. Also, I plan on driving to a local restaurant and pickup a Chicken and spaghetti casserole. Hopefully I’ll be able to eat that. Right now, I don’t feel to good. I’m listening to Alan’s show, but I don’t feel like calling in. To my listeners: I will record a podcast this week.

Fifth Day Of Chemotherapy 

In Uncategorized on May 15, 2015 at 6:33 pm

I feel horrible. No energy. I had trouble with sickness this morning before work. I guess it’s just the cumulative effect of all the drugs I’ve been receiving this week working on my body. This is the way we kill cancer.

Thankfully, next week will be kinder to my body. I have only one day of infusion, Monday. Tuesday through Friday I only have B-12 shots scheduled at the clinic I’m trying to move to Birmingham, so I can go home. 

I couldn’t  drive my car right now. And perhaps not even on Tuesday. But I can and will, given the opportunity, try. 

I’m listening to Alan Colmes show, but I just do not have the strength to call. Perhaps next week. Let him know I’m listening and I’m still alive.


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