Good Cock

Wow, I just got some good cock this morning. I placed another ad on Craigslist the other day and received several replies. With all that has been going on this week, with the CT scans ran yesterday, it took some time to get back to the men you answered my ad. Early this morning one sent a message saying he needed head and asked if I could suck his cock this morning. I was all in and really horny for cum. So one of the last replies from this guy was: “You realize I’m a cop too right ?” My first thought was: “Oh fuck!” But I’d already given him my address. What to do? I thought about ignoring him and hoping I wouldn’t hear back. But I’m thinking – Hell, he’s the one who replied to my ad. So I send him a response saying: “Whatever!” After a minute or two he replies back: “Okay, I’m headed your way.” He pulled up in one of those big black SUV’s. He was wearing a handgun. No badge. He had the kind of build my buddy in Boston would love. Tight, toned muscular build, but not overly muscular which I hate. Just the right height, weight and proportions. I asked him if my approach was legal. He said as long as there is no exchange of money for sex and the person your having sex with is legal and their is consent there is nothing illegal about my approach on Craigslist. I asked him to relax in the recliner. He pulled his pants to his knees and removed his gun. I sat on the floor between his legs and went down on his cock. It did not take long for his dick to become erect in my mouth. Big fucking dick, nice head, nice balls. This was going to be good. He liked how I could go all the way down on his erect cock. It’s easy when the man you’re sucking is hot as hell. And knowing that I was sucking a cop’s dick made that even more exciting. I worshipped his cock. Taking my time, using my tongue to rub his cock, his cock throbbing in my mouth. His verbal compliments as I used every trick I’ve learned in my long life as a cocksucker to pleasure him. I wouldn’t let this dick go until it exploded in my mouth. I wanted him badly. His milk, every drop. After he came, he said he was heading to a seminar and would be through around 2 and asked if he could stop back by then. I told him to message me and see if I could work it out. He’s from out of town, but said he comes to Birmingham about every month. I told him if we couldn’t get together again this afternoon I definitely wanted to see him again the next time he is in town. I got want I wanted. I am satisfied. I’m good. The rest of the day will be easy.

Male Models

Yeah, I guess you noticed that I didn’t record this weekend. Frank in Boston just called wondering why. So I really haven’t been feeling to good lately and I didn’t even go down to the Clinton campaign headquarters to work the phones. And I sometimes struggle with what I really have to say. My life is not to exciting and it hasn’t been for awhile. I have an occasional encounter, but its basically blow and go. And I figure to spare you from my take on what crazy things Trump has said lately. You probably already know what he’s said and if your a Trump supporter, you dismiss what I have to say anyway, so whats the point? I do have a few pictures I want to post here. Frank says he likes more manly men – older, hairy men. That I post to many young hairless guys (boys). I guess I just love their purity, their innocence. I found one that I’m really taken with. Take a look. Number 3 is my favorite! Who do you like best?